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CNC WEST is a west coast metalworking  print magazine devoted to machinist and metalworking decision makers in machine shops and job shops on the west coast. The magazine features articles on cnc machining, machine shops and the west coast metal working industry. Please enjoy this months issue and if you would like to read previous issues you may do so by clicking here.
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CNC-WEST June/July 2015 Turning Issue


    Action Industries has been in the aerospace game since the mid 70s when Rick Varble started the company in Fullerton, California. Today, they continue to be AS9100 ISO9001 certified and proud members of Airbus and Parker’s global supply chain. Lower margins in aerospace and an aggressive growth plan have spawned recent diversification into other markets to reach a more balanced business model.
    Jason Livingston, Shawn Varble and Jason’s dad Steve Livingston bought Action Industries about nine years ago from Shawn’s father Rick. Together, this trio makes up an interesting management combination. Although an owner for nine years, Jason just began working at Action Industries full-time back in October of last year. He still isn’t settled in completely, calling the conference room his office until business allows for him to move into a more fitting location. “I’m a CPA and a financial guy,” describes Jason. “But I come with a history of working with manufacturing companies. My partners and I owned a company in Irvine, CA that sold capital equipment to the semi conductor industry. We sold it in 2008 and I continued to run it until 2010. 

Article & Photos by Sean Buur & EMS
The owners of EMS David Szabo and Balazs Ormai believe in the new generation of machinist and that youth plays to their advantage.
    David Szabo and Balazs Ormai co-founded Engineered Machining Solutions with a single machine and the idea of having an after hours shop to make parts. Today, they are poised to buy a 20,000 sq.ft. building to house their growing armada of 17 Haas CNC mills and lathes.
    David’s career in machining began in the family business, running Bridgeport style CNC machines for his dad’s company. “When my dad sold the company I stayed on for another five years running the place,” tells David. “Balazs, who is my cousin, also worked for my dad, but he left to do programming for other companies.” “David and I didn’t see each other for a couple of years,” explains Balazs. “Then one day we reconnected and bought our first machine together, a Haas VF5 with a trunniontable. Originally we didn’t have any plans to grow this large or this quickly. We just wanted to make parts.” A single machine doesn’t work for two guys very well so they purchased a second, then a third, then a fourth machine and needed to move into a larger building. Expansion continued as word of mouth gained them more customers. Now their 10,000 sq.ft. facility in Orange, CA is overflowing with 15 employees, 17 CNC machines, QC and assembly.

GYFORD PRODUCTIONSGyford Productions bought their first Swiss-style machine, a Citizen M32 from Spinetti Machinery more than two decades ago. Now they have several, including the latest M series the M432.
    Gyford Productions has come a long way from the mom-and-pop business that literally used to be just mom and pop. Steve and Valerie Gyford were producing museum displays and trade show booths out of a small shop in Reno, Nevada. Steve had a need to hold a piece of glass in front of artwork and came up with an idea for a spacer. He couldn’t find one commercially available so he had one made. When another project came up with the same requirement and he realized he couldn’t be the only one in need of this type of product, the Gyford’s went to a local machine shop and had a few parts made to go with a postcard mailer. Now, 26 years later, the Gyford StandOff is synonymous with this style of spacer in multiple industries.
    Today, Gyford Productions occupies two buildings totaling 32,000 square feet with 44 employees. They have a sales force, marketing team and more than a dozen people working in manufacturing. George Lacombe joined the team Thirteen years ago as the manufacturing manager of the growing company. 
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Summer is here. That means many things to many people. For some that means kids are out of school.  That vacations are underway or close to being so. Or that baseball is nearing the mid way point.

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