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   LISI Medical is part of the LISI Group, a worldwide company specializing in the design and manufacture of assembly solutions. The LISI Group operates in three major markets: aerospace, automotive, and since 2007 medical.
    The LISI Group is a 240 year old company from Eastern France that got their start manufacturing carriage bolts. That expertise transferred to the horseless carriage business and eventually into aerospace. They are the #3 provider of aircraft hardware in the world. Get on any Boeing or Airbus plane and you are flying LISI fasteners. The LISI Group employs 11,000 people globally, spread between its 43 sites in 14 counties. With combined annual sales above $1.6 billion they are a publicly traded company in Europe. Like so many companies steeped in hundreds of years of tradition the founding families are still heavily involved.
    “The medical segment of the company is relatively new,” tells LISI Medical general manager Richard Warren. “Like a lot of companies that operate in automotive and aerospace we selected medical as a way to expand business and continue our growth. In 2007 we purchased a small medical manufacturing company in Escondido, Ca. as well as a couple of others in France. We put together the medical business understanding that we have a huge resource of global machining and manufacturing. The industries we serve are highly regulated, with very strong quality and delivery performance demands. We already have the highest standards so medical was a perfect fit for continued growth on a global scale.”

    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho is not really on anyone’s radar as being a hotbed of manufacturing, but it should be. This lakeside resort community is a jewel in the Idaho panhandle with skiing and boating the main attractions. In a city of 60,000 people Forbes lists it inside their top twenty places for small business and careers. It’s also where David Odenthal grew up, started racing, and built his machining business.
    Odenthal Manufacturing came about through David’s love of racing go karts and his dad’s automotive machining background. “Growing up my brother and I raced karts,” explains David. “Dad had an automotive machining business in the local area and spent every penny he made putting my brother and I through racing. He wasn’t married so it was what we did together. We traveled all over the country on what was considered to be a small racing budget.” After graduating high school in 1986 David attended Northern Idaho College’s two year vocational machine tech program. After graduating in 1988 he got a job with MSM Design making various types of film equipment including IMAX cameras. That is where he got his first shot at designing. “Marty Mueller was my mentor and gave me a shot at designing a brand new film magazine” said David. He had a skill and love for both racing and making things, so in 1992 Keith Odenthal sold his automotive machine shop, teamed up with David, and Odenthal Manufacturing was born. Their first product was the Odenthal Racing Products engine mount for go karts.
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Asil Aerospace Inc. Three decades returning seat back trays to their upright position.
Wagstaff Inc., a Spokane, Washington based company has been in business for more than 70 years. Today, they are a world leader in vertical direct chill casting of aluminum, but they got their start as just a small local shop and evolved from there. “Wagstaff is a third generation company,” tells project coordinator Dale Arnold. “We have 350 people on staff at this facility and it still has the heart of a small business. We are not just numbers, the owners know everyone’s names and are involved in the work we do.”
The Spokane facility is Wagstaff’s corporate headquarters and the primary manufacturing site. They have several hundred thousand sq.ft. of office, manufacturing, and research space spread between multiple buildings on 16 acres with 27+ CNC combined machining, and turning centers. They also have a second manufacturing facility located in Kentucky to support their world wide demand. “We are best known for our ability to provide technology, equipment, and services to worldwide aluminum producers enabling them to transform molten aluminum into billets and ingots using “direct chill” casting.” describes Dale. “The direct chill casting process uses machined aluminum molds filled with circulating water to chill molten aluminum in order to solidify it into desired shapes. We produce molds for doing that along with the casting machines and other supporting equipment.” Most of their product goes overseas with customers in almost 60 countries.



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According to Wikipedia, turning is considered to be the oldest method of machining. I suppose that would mean that turning machines were the first machine tools.
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